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NAME Eun-Kyu Kang (2016, Ph. D.)
E-mail ekkang [at]
Current Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Thesis Nano-/micro-engineered structures for enhancing the efficiency of optoelectronic devices
NAME Jung-Wook Min (2016, Ph. D.)
E-mail jungwook.min [at]
Current KAUST Postdoctoral researcher (
Thesis MBE Growth and Characterization of III-Nitride Nanowire Heterostructures for Light-Emitting diode Application
NAME Gun-Wu, Ju (2016, Ph.D.)
E-mail gwju [at]
Current KIST Postdoctoral researcher
Thesis Design, growth and characterization of Intra-structured quantum well for High performance optoelectronic devices
NAME Ci-Hyun, Kim (2016, M.S.)
E-mail cihyun [at]
Current GIST Ph.D course
Thesis Polarization-induced p- and n-type doping in compositionally graded AlGaN grown by plasma-assisted MBE
NAME Jae-Hong, Song (2016, M.S.)
Thesis Fabrication of large-scale GaAs-based solar cells using epitaxial lift-off with high lateral etching rate
NAME Yong-Woo, Lee (2016, M.S.)
Current ASML Korea
Thesis Fabrication and analysis of Si optical engine for improving the coupling efficiency and productivity of active optical cable
NAME Muhammad Imran Afzal (2015, Ph. D.)
E-mail imran [at]
Current NIST postdoctoral researcher
Thesis Frequency comb generation, higher-order SUSY potentials and localization of states in a non-Hermitian optical system
NAME Kwang Wook, Park (2015, Ph. D.)
E-mail Kwangwook.Park [at]
Current NREL postdoctoral researcher
Thesis MBE growth of GaInP and GaInAs low dimensional structures and their applications in tandem solar cells
NAME Sung-Hyun, Bae (2015, M.S.)
E-mail shbae [at],
Current GIST Ph.D course
Thesis Design and growth of 4-channel multiple-wavelength Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser structure with selective etching process
NAME Ji-Soo, Jeong (2015, M.S.)
E-mail jsjeong903 [at]
Current System Engineering MEga Solution (SEMES)
Thesis Fabrication of stretchable solar cell array using cold welding process
NAME Chan Il, Yeo (2014, Ph. D.)
E-mail ciyeo [at]
Current Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)
Thesis Light management structures for improving the efficiency of photovoltaic devices
NAME Joon-Beom, Kim (2014, M.S.)
E-mail kimjb4143 [at]
Current Defense Agency for Technology and Quality (DTaQ)
Thesis Fabrication nanohole structures to enhance the efficiency of silicon solar cell by simple wet-etching process
NAME Yong-Hwan, Lee (2014, M.S.)
E-mail yhlee27 [at],
Current KAIST Ph.D course
Thesis Fabrication of flexible GaAs solar cell using low pressure cold welding and epitaxial lift-off
NAME Eunhee, Kwon (2014, M.S.)
E-mail elva.kwon [at]
Current Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning (KISTEP)
Thesis GaN-based vertical LEDs with hybrid surface structure for enhanced light extraction effciency
NAME Aylin Bengi (Research Professor)
E-mail abengi [at]
Current LED-IT Fusion Technology Research Center (LIFTRC), Research Professor
NAME Byung-Hoon, Na (2013, Ph. D.)
E-mail [at]
Current Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Thesis Design, Growth and Characterization of High Performance Electro-absorption Modulator for Three Dimensional Imaging Application
NAME T. cheeleong (2013, Ph. D.)
E-mail chee.tan [at]
Current Northwestern University, postdoc researcher
Thesis Application of surface plasmon on metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector and photovoltaic structures
NAME Sooraj. R (2013, Ph. D.)
E-mail sooraj.r [at], soorajr [at]
Current Professor at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Department of Avionics
Thesis III-V semiconductor microring resonator optical switches using electrical bias assisted absorption and refractive index change as the switching mechanisms
NAME Jin-Myeong, Jeon (2012, M.S.)
E-mail Jin-myeong.jeon [at]
Current ASML Korea
Thesis Design of assymetric broad waveguide 980 nm high power laser diode
NAME Bong-Kyu, Jeong (2013, Ph.D. ABD)
E-mail mount9 [at]
Thesis Fabrication and characterization of optical interconnect modules for active optical cable

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